Lavanya founded SMR Shoreline Montessori in 2002 and named it after her parents (Srimani and Rama). For 35 years, she has been a montessori classroom teacher and program supervisor at prestigious Montessori schools across the country. 

In addition to being a full-time teacher, she also serves as a consultant for local Montessori schools that are looking to improve their curriculum. She takes a very centered and collaborative approach to teaching, and encourages all parents to take an active part in their child's education and development. 

She is a very active member of the greater Seattle community, and serves as the president of a local cultural organization. Both her children attended Montessori school through kindergarten, after which they were enrolled in schools in the Shoreline school district.

 Lavanya - Founder of SMR Montessori 

Lavanya - Founder of SMR Montessori 


         See what her former employers have said: 

Lavanya is as much at ease with exceptional children as she is with their slow-to-learn coutnerparts....No one is better when it comes to communicating with parents. She helps guide each, understanding that the desire to learn and grown must come from within
— Jule Demetre, Director of Paideia Academy - Seattle
She [Lavanya] always has what is best for the children in her heart, and expresses her care through her work
— M.Ann Evans, Administrator of Greystone House - Houston, TX
Lavanya’s calm strength and love for energetic children makes her a beloved and effective teacher for all from the shy quite child to the rambunctious overactive impulsive little one, the non-English speaking or the learning disabled child without language skills or social awareness”
— Janine Flynn, Director of Armonk Montessori - Armonk, NY